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How Acupuncture Treatments Can Help You Before You Get Pregnant

Since publishing my blog post on how acupuncture can help with infertility, I've had the good fortune of meeting many new young people starting out on their fertility journey.

I'm delighted at the open-mindedness toward acupuncture expressed by so many young millennials; it hasn't always been the case out here in the west.

It's also inspired this new blog post where I wanted to convey the value of acupuncture treatments BEFORE even trying to get pregnant.

When you consider some of the benefits of acupuncture - including improved circulation, reduction in stress and anxiety, increased blood flow to the pelvic region, improved egg (or sperm quality) better sleep just to name a few - I think you can begin to understand the value of preparing the body and person not just to conceive but to have a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

So if you're thinking about getting pregnant in the next little while, I would encourage you to proactively seek some acupuncture for getting your body and mind into healthy shape. After all, your body is your baby's primary home. We all want to ensure that our baby gets the healthiest start possible and this begins before conception.

Stay tuned for my next blogs about how acupuncture can help you throughout your pregnancy as well as a special offering.

In the meantime, if you're in the Toronto area and interested in learning more about acupuncture, I'd love to hear from you.


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