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A Special Package for the Best Possible Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Experience

Over the past few blogs, I've written about the value of acupuncture and herbs in preparing the body to conceive and in helping ensure a healthy and easier pregnancy and postpartum period.

Today I'm pleased to offer a special pregnancy package for those who are interested in wellbeing protocol for this special time of life.

The package consists of:

* 6 Acupuncture sessions (4 during pregnancy, 2 postpartum)

* 2 Hypnotherapy sessions (1 during pregnancy, 1 postpartum)

* Customized Herbs

**Additional acupuncture or hypnotherapy sessions can be added for a special price.

Please call or email to book your consultation today. Let's get you started on your journey towards a healthy, happy pregnancy and birth!

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