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Are You Wondering Why You Can't Ever Heal or Get Past an Issue?

Many of us find ourselves challenged and blocked trying to heal or move past old issues or habits. We may even have done A LOT of work on ourselves and now feel stuck and frustrated at still dealing with the same old problems with no advancements nor any solutions in sight.

Do you relate?

Maybe it seems like a meaningful change is just beyond your grasp and it may cause frustration or hopelessness not to have transformed this particular issue.

It may be around healing anxiety or depression, losing weight, quitting smoking, sleeping better, or really any important change that you know your health and wellbeing depends upon.

You may benefit from, and enjoy, Hypnotherapy.

All of us carry some form of programming from the time we were born (and even from beyond coming down the ancestral line). This programming lives beyond our conscious awareness so that we don’t even know why we are acting in a certain way or why the same things keep happening over and over again to us.

It may just feel like we are stuck replaying the same tape over and over again even though we don’t want it.

Hypnotherapy offers a safe and effective process to help untangle and release some of the old programming keeping you stuck in a loop.

This old programming is replaced with positive and intentional beliefs and messages that will be empowering and supportive to the supportive and uplifting changes you want to make in your life.

How it works:

When you intentionally and properly direct your focus and concentration, you are able to build a better life for yourself whether that means a better career, more financial security, better health, the relationship of your dreams, or whatever it may be!

Together, we explore and determine what is the most important and pressing desire you have at this time.

What do YOU want to work on and heal?

(And if you're not sure what this is, we can work through hypnotherapy to discover it.)

From there we book a series of hypnotherapy sessions. I direct you into a deeply relaxed and open, positive state of mind. In this relaxed yet alert state, I help guide your subconscious mind to releasing that which has been unhelpful or even harmful and towards the new empowering messages and beliefs that you want to hold.

I find a minimum of 3 sessions are helpful to get a good foundation for the change you want to experience.

You also receive a recording of our session that you can play it on your own as often as you would like, thereby increasing the speed and efficacy with which you can create the change you seek in your life.

What would life be like 3 months or a year or even a month from now if you could shift some of these beliefs? What can you imagine for yourself?

Contact me to book your session here.

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